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Are you playing the popular game Pou? Then, our Pou Cheats are made for you! Finding working cheats for this game is not easy, but thanks to this website, you dont have to search anymore! After many requests, we decided to create Pou Cheats which will help players to get unlimited Coins and Potions, and of course, you can optionally unlock All Items. Gaining naturally potions and coins can be a frustrating task, however not anymore with our cheat tool. If you are interested in these cheats and would like to try them, just click on the button bellow and start using them NOW!

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What are the features of Pou Cheats?

To tell the truth, to create cheats for this game was not easy at all. It took us tens of dreamless nights, many fails and testings, but our vision was clear. To create working Pou Cheats for people who desperately need the coins and potions and would like to experience the whole potential of the game itself. This cheat tool is unique on the market, as it belongs only to a few ones which are working and are totally free. Plus, your account will stay totally safe and alive, thanks to our antiban script. Here are all main features of our tool Pou Cheats:

  • Get Unlimited Coins and Potions
  • Online Cheats - no download required
  • Works on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
  • Using Antiban Script
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  • Totally free
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Pou Cheats and Cheats Online Tool

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 Pou cheats - you need them!

Adopt, customize, and care for your very own POU! Watch your POU grow up from a baby to a full-grown adult by feeding, cleaning, playing, and even talking with it! With this POU Cheats, you can nurture your POU so it can grow up to become a healthy, happy adult! Make sure you can take care of it and it doesn’t get sick with this tool! Make sure your POU is well-fed by purchasing from the shop using coins! Buy almost anything, from a good healthy breakfast to sugary candy. I am sure a few POU cheats won’t do any bad!

 What can you achieve with Pou Cheats?

You can also buy potions from the Shop in the Lab to keep your POU happy! Choose from Health Potions, Fat Burners, Energizers, and Max Potions - be sure to watch out for the Hunger Potion, it makes your POU hungry! Unlock and purchase them all with this POU Cheats! Your POU loves to dress up! Unlock over 13 different types of outfits, then pick your favorite color! Pick from a Police officer, Jersey, Dresses, Superhero, Animals, or just a simple Shirt. Choose from a wide variety of hats, eyewear, wigs, headbands, shoes, and even moustaches and beards, to make your POU look it’s very best! Make sure your POU’s bedroom looks just as great! You can unlock pillows, lamps and wallpapers as you level up and customize them. Use this POU Cheats to help you find the look that’s just perfect for your POU! Take your POU outside to play! Go check in on your POU’s pet, grow flowers in the garden, play around in the playground, or go for a drive in your POU’s car! Be sure to check out the store for more things to buy for their pet, playground, and more! Use this tool to take advantage of both your POU’s house and outside! Play with your friends and their POU! Visit their POU, play PVP (POU-vs-POU) from a wide variety of mini-games. Earn coins while you play with friends, and even by yourself with your POU! Choose from over 30 different games to play, including Food Swap, Sky Jump, Beach Volley, Memory, or the classic Tic Tac POU, and collect coins to use in the stores. Play with this POU Cheats and see how!


POU was created by 24-year-old Paul Salameh in 2012. Amazingly, he created the game in three months, and has now found global success, with over 250 reviews on the App Store and an overall score of 4 out of 5 stars, with 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. With reviews like “so addicting…”, and “it’s so cute!”, you know you’ve found the right small alien to adopt and care for. You can play on any device - simply create a log in to save your game progress and log in on another device! No need to worry about switching phones or losing data, it automatically saves so you and your POU can pick up where you left off. Using this POU Cheats, you will have the beat time with your POU! SO download the game if you haven’t done yet and get started on your mission to tame the unknown; hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. And what more, we have the perfect cheats for you to get up higher and faster and beat the heat out of your competitors. I am sure there won’t be any looking back once you get set on your target and for anything else; you always have this site for the latest cheats and tips; don’t forget to check back frequently.